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Seoul Global Center

Seoul Global Center

  • We offer a variety of services including Multi-Language Comprehensive Consultation , Comprehensive Business Support , education programs, Culture Interchange and Experience Program , Living Convenience Service.

Multi-Language Comprehensive Consultation

Counseling language (Mon to Fri, 09:00~18:00) : A table of Living counseling,Specialized counseling,Family counseling,Visiting counseling,Difficulties counseling by counselee group
Counseling language (Mon to Fri, 09:00~18:00)
  • Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongol, Philippine, Russian, Uzbek, Thai languages
  • Counseling TEL.: 02-2075-4180
Living counseling
  • All issues for stable and comfortable living in Seoul
  • Section: Public administration, stay in Korea, traffic, residence, education, medical, travel etc
Specialized counseling
  • Easy and quick, in-depth counseling by specialists in each area
  • Section: Law, labor (including industrial casualty), real estate, comsumer, human right
Family counseling
  • Family counseling for marriage immigrants
  • Counseling on offsprings of marriage immigrants and on education for immigrated children
Visiting counseling
  • Counseling on living, specialized issue, entry into and departure from Korea, insurance (by Samsung Fire Insurance company), medical etc
  • Counseling by visit to various sites such as foreign residents’ concentrated area in weekends and various event venues etc
Difficulties counseling by counselee group
  • Custom designed counseling for counselee such as foreign laborer, overseas Koreans, marriage immigrants, overseas students etc

Comprehensive Business Support

Comprehensive Business Support : A table of Business and startup consulting,Business education and seminars,Incubating startups initiated by foreigners,Other services
Business and startup consulting
  • Comprehensive information provided in relation to foreign investment and startup
  • Specialized consulting by section (law, tax and accounting, patent, customs/clearance etc
Business education and seminars
  • Foreign trade academy operated for foreigners
  • Startup college operated for foreigners
  • Business language school operated in Korean language
  • Business related seminars held in multiple languages
Incubating startups initiated by foreigners
  • Incubation office operated for foreign (preliminary) founders
  • Business incubation at 4 centers in Seoul (Seoul global center,Gangnam global business center, Yoido global business center, Young foundersplus center)
Other services
  • Export counseling session for matching domestic and foreign enterprises
  • Publicity fair for foreigners’ enterprises
  • Job fair for Korean employers and foreigner employees
  • Audition on startup opportunities by foreigners

Education Program

Education Program : A table of Korean language school,Visiting Korean language class,Education for enhancement of foreigner residents’ competence,Living orientation
Korean language school
  • Weekend/weekdays Korean lesson provided for adults
  • Custom designed tuition fitted to students such as basic, beginner, intermediate and TOPIK examinee level etc
  • Mom & kid story-telling class (story-telling class leader course and children’s hobby class)
Visiting Korean language class
  • Foreigner residents concentrated area(workplace, government offices etc)
Education for enhancement of foreigner residents’ competence
  • Fostering foreigner residents’ global leader
  • Education on enhancement of leader’s competence for composition and operation of community
Living orientation
  • Seoul living information provided for new entrants (international student, laborer etc)

Culture Interchange and Experience Program

Culture Interchange and Experience Program : A table of Seoul town meeting,Global concert,Volunteer service activities,Foreigners’ flea market,Other cultural events
Seoul town meeting
  • Hearing difficulties from foreigner residents in Seoul
  • Opinion interchange to create comfortable living environment for foreigner residents
Global concert
  • The place for culture sharing and communication between Korean·foreigner residents
  • Cultural art performance and global culture publicity by country
Volunteer service activities
  • Global volunteer service group operated to cultivate the awareness on sharing and consideration
  • Enhancing understanding on each country’s culture
Foreigners’ flea market
  • The place for culture sharing and communication between Seoul citizens and foreigner residents
  • Living culture expanded in resource recycling and sharing
Other cultural events
  • Traditional holiday culture experience program
  • Foreigner residents’ day with FC Seoul

Living Convenience Service

Living Convenience Service : A table of Driving license,Mobile phone,Insurance
Driving license
  • Foreign license is converted to Korean license and re-issued
  • International driving license issued
  • Korean driving license certificate renewed
Mobile phone
  • New mobile phone activated and second hand mobile phone purchase counseling
  • Free international phone service
  • Insurance inquiry and documents acceptance dedicated for foreign laborers by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Commercial insurance subscription counseling
  • Guidance to subscription of Korean National Pension and inquiry on contributed amount