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Guidance on Telephone Numbers to be Kept for Convenience

  • If you know what you need in Mapo-gu, we'll give you a convenient number.
Guidance on Telephone Numbers to be Kept for Convenience : A table of Department Name, Tel No
Department Name Tel No Department Name Tel No
Switchboard of Mapo Borough Office 3153-8114 Mapo Borough Facilities Management Corporation 300-5000
Comprehensive Situation Center of Mapo Borough Office 3153-8100 National Health Insurance Corporation 1577-1000
Dasan Call Center of Seoul 120 Mapo Borough Election Management Committee 336-1511
Autonomous Administration
(in comprehensive charge of support to resident foreigners)
3153-8300 Mapo Art Center 3274-8500
Health Center 3153-9010 Mapo Culture Center 312-1100
Civil Affairs & Passport Department 3153-8450 Western Water Supply Office 3146-3526~7
Taxation 1
(property, corporate tax)
3153-8700 Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office 3270-4576~7
Taxation 2
(vehicle tax, resident tax)
3153-8750 Mapo Police Station 393-0112
Welfare Administration
(welfare plan/volunteer, hoped welfare, residential welfare)
Living Security
(basic living security,integrated research, selfsupport)
Mapo Fire Station 716-0604
Elderly Welfare & Disabled
(social, elderly,disabled welfare)
3153-8850 Mapo Tax Office 705-7200
Family Welfare
(childcare, multi-cultural family, female, youth)
3153-8900 Western Education Office 390-5500
Cleaning Administration 3153-9200 KT Shinchon Telecommunication Office 3143-0800
Housing 3153-9300 Korea Electric Power Mapo Yongsan Branch 710-2225(electricity use)
710-2251(fare related)
Building 3153-9400 Seoul Western District Court
Registry dept
Traffic Administration 3153-9600 Mapo Post Office 6901-7699
Traffic Control 3153-9650 Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service
Seoul Western branch