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Theme tour

Mapo-gu operates various programs as part of the Yanghwajin Modern History Tour project, which is a cultural heritage site tour project sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration and Seoul City.
Yanghwajin Modern History Tour was selected as an excellent tour project with over 2,000 citizens participating in it every year, winning the award from the director of the Cultural Heritage Administration last year.
Yanghwajin Ferry Tour is a major program of the project. We hope that many citizens will participate in the program.

Program Overview

  • Toured cultural heritage sites : Yanghwanaru Port and Jamdubong Peak sites (Historic Site No. 399) in Seoul
  • Period : April 9 (Tue) to October 10 (Thu), 2019 (15 tours during the period)
A table of Program Overview : Apr.,May,June,June,Oct,Remark
  Apr. May June Sep Oct Remark
Date Apr 9 (Tue)
Apr 11 (Thu)
Apr 16 (Tue)
Apr 24 (Wed)
May 9 (Thu)
May 14 (Tue)
May 21 (Tue)
May 29 (Wed)
June 13 (Thu)
June 18 (Tue)
June 26 (Wed)
Sep 17 (Tue)
Sep 25 (Wed)
Oct 10 (Thu)
TBD (1 tour)
"The Sunset and the Starry Night on the Hangang River" course May 14 (Tue)
Sep 25 (Wed)
  • Venues : Jeoldusan Martyrs' Shrine or Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery, Seonyudo Park
  • Activities
    • A tour of Jeoldusan Martyrs' Shrine or Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery, Seonyudo Park guided by cultural heritage commentators
    • A tour onboard to appreciate the sceneries of Yanghwanaru Port, Bamseom Island, Jamdubong Peak, etc. (on a ferry)
  • Number of participants: 60 persons per tour (accepted in order of application)
  • Application period: At all times
  • Meeting place: Auditorium in the Hapjeong-dong Community Service Center
  • How to apply: Via telephone call (Agency: Culture & Road, ☎ +82-2-719-1495)
  • Participation fee: KRW 6,000 (A souvenir equivalent to KRW 6,000 is given to every participant.)
  • Route
    • Hapjeong-dong Community Service Center ⇨ Martyrs' Shrine or Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery ⇨ Jamdubong Ferry Dock ⇨ Seonyudo Park ⇨ Jamdubong Ferry Dock